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Amos Struck is an expert and insider in the stock photo industry. With years of experience, he is a regular speaker at Photokina Professionals Stage, conducts Video-Interviews with industry experts and is well-connected with every important person and company in the market.

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Our websites attract thousands of buyers for stock photos, vectors and other stock media, every day!

Microstock Expo

Amos Struck, our CEO, is the creator and co-owner of Microstock Expo, the only Microstock Photography event, with the participation of most top agencies, contributors, and stock imagery related companies.

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We have the world's largest network of online magazines dedicated exclusively to the stock media market. We cover all stock media types from all angles: buyers, authors, agencies, and more.

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We provide photographers, graphic designers, videographers and all kinds of creatives with advice for finding the best sales channels for their production.

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Stock Photo Press was born to report on the stock photography industry, and the established, the new and emerging buying and selling models. Lead by a long-time stock photo industry expert, our network of specialized online magazines cover all aspects of the stock imagery world. Strongly aimed at stock photo buyers, and with content for photographers and creatives as well, our publications are the ultimate sources for expert guide and advice in the stock photography market. To see a summary of all our publications, their purpose and content, click on the button on the right!
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