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Stock Photo Secrets is an online magazine exclusively dedicated to the online, Royalty Free stock photo market. It is a hugely valuable resource for anyone wanting to buy stock photos cheap, as its different sections work together to ensure readers get the best possible deal in stock photos for their particular image needs. Our knowledgeable staff is constantly researching and analyzing the stock photo market, and applying our wide expertise to deliver the best advice and resources to buy stock photos online. includes:

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  • Buyer Guide: Get first-hand insight on the stock photo offers in the market with comprehensive comparisons, agency lists for defined stock photo needs, and dedicated explanations on the main concepts in image licensing and image use.
  • Coupons: Access the best selection of exclusive Coupon Codes, Promo Codes and discounts at the best stock photo agencies in the industry, to save up to hundreds of dollars in your purchase
  • Free Photos: Check our lists of free photo resources, and find detailed instructions on how to get free files from the best stock photo sites, and  to get images you can use in your projects for free
  • Stock Agencies: Read our in-depth reviews of all important stock photo agencies, including dedicated comparisons between the most popular companies

And much more.

Stock Photo Secrets is constantly updated to include the latest news in the industry and all current stock photo offers and deals. If you want to save money in your stock photos and make informed decisions when buying images online, then don’t doubt it, Stock Photo Secrets is for you.

Stock Photo Secrets

Stock Photo Secrets is a successful online magazine covering the online stock photo market. We provide valuable guidance and tips for buyers to find the best deals in cheap stock photos.

With dedicated buyer guides, special coupon and promo codes, free photo resources, detailed stock agency reviews, and much more, we provide an all-round coverage of online stock photo industry that gives you the best chances to buy stock photos cheap.

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