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Footage Secrets is a publication specialized in the blooming industry of stock footage. On this platform we provide insightful content for anyone wanting to tap on the multiple benefits of motion imagery, whose popularity across the visual world is in constant growth. We aim at bringing more people close to this new media market, and to help them discover and seize the opportunities in stock video for their businesses.

Our footage-specialized site includes:

  • Stock Agency Comparative Tool: It features a list of in-depth stock footage agency reviews, but more importantly allows you to filter agencies by library size, buying options, payment systems, license terms, pricing range, and more, so you can find the company that better meets your individual needs
  • Buyer Guide: Tells you all you need to know about buying and using stock footage in your video productions, from how to find the best deal for your needs, to how to maximize your investment and improve your production’s value using stock videos creatively
  • Offers: It gives you a list of special Coupon Codes and Promo Codes from the best stock footage agencies, so you can save in your stock videos
  • Inspiration: It includes articles that show you all the ways you can use stock footage to boost up your productions and meet your business’ goals

Whether you are already into video production, or you are looking to include motion imagery in your business’ visual strategy and are still figuring out how to go about it, this site is a great resource to understand how stock footage works, what it can do for you, and find the best possible deals to buy stock videos. If you are in video or want to get started in it, you should definitely visit Footage Secrets.

Footage Secrets

Footage Secrets is a specialized publication covering the blooming industry of stock footage. With valuable content aimed at anyone wanting to seize the benefits in using stock videos in their productions. Our goal is to initiate people in the use of stock footage, through insightful information including the best stock video deals

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