Photo Buyer Guide is an information hub for stock photo agencies and deals, aimed at stock photo buyers looking for quick, straight-forward and accurate tips about where and how to buy cheap stock photos at microstock agencies. The site contains precise and up-to-date figures and details on every relevant stock photo offer in the market, analyzed and compiled according to different criteria to help buyers find the best option for them.

The site offers:

  • Choose Microstock: Useful multiple-choice search engine to find the stock agency that better meets your needs, great comparative board for stock photo offers, and comprehensive agency reviews to help you choose the right supplier
  • Art of Stock: Tips on how to search and buy images, including short-cuts to search engines for the main stock photo agencies
  • FAQ: Extensive list of the most common questions regarding image licensing and online photo buying, with short, accurate answers
  • Why Microstocks: Succint explanation on the benefits of using microstock photography for your graphic designs and visuals

If you are a stock photo buyer looking for the best possible deals and not wanting to read article after article to find the precise figures and details you are after, this site has exactly what you need. Visit Photo Buyer Guide today.

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Photo Buyer Guide is a website providing concise and accurate information for stock photo buyers, bringing up the best stock photo agencies and deals and putting them at your reach. We want to assist buyers in finding cheap stock photos faster and easier.

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