SignMakingSecrets is a blog-like website specialised in the marketing area of signmaking, bringing the best content and resources for signmakers –and graphic designers working in sign projects– to develop their work faster, easier and better. From tutorials and explanatory articles to guides and lists of the best suppliers and tools, you will find everything you need to know and to use to create amazing signs, vehicle wraps, and more.

The website includes:

  • Vehicle Templates: a comprehensive and extensive guide to vehicle wraps and vehicle templates, which explains the importance of templates for workflow efficiency in car wrap design and details the process to create a vinyl car wrap from scratch, including valuable resources
  • Car Outlines in Wrap Design: a step-by-step guide to design a vehicle wrap using car outlines to save time and effort, and ultimately make more money

If you’re getting started in the signmaking business, if you are wishing to expand your reach in this field, or if you’re a graphic designer looking to take up on more signmaking and car wrap design commissions and complete them more efficiently, this site is a great helping hand, since it brings you the word of the experts on the best practices, resources and tools to complete the process of making a sign in the best way possible. SignMakingSecrets is your new knowledgeable ally.


SignMakingSecrets is a website covering the specific field of signmaking in all its aspects. It's dedicated to signmakers and graphic designers, providing them with expert, accurate and very valuable knowledge and resources to improve their workflow and results when creating vehicle wraps and other signage elements.

Signmakers, Graphic Designers, Buyers (vehicle templates, vector artwork, stock photos)
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